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Editing Services

I offer many different editing services for academia, business, and print media. The stage your project is in will determine the type of editing you need.

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Developmental Editing

You have an idea for your project but are unsure how to bring it to life. At this stage, you may not have much, if anything, written down. Developmental editing can assist you with brainstorming, structuring, finding your voice and style, or other aspects of idea development.


Content Editing

You have a finished manuscript and would like content feedback on ideas that are working or not working. What could be added, cut, rewritten, or reorganized? Content editing focuses on idea development and the big picture of your project.


Line Editing

You have received developmental and content feedback, and you are ready for an up-close look at word choice, sentence structure, and word economy. Line editing is not focused on identifying errors but on how your words sound.


Copy Editing

You have completed all of the above and need someone to look for errors in your work. Copy editing looks at spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If there are specific style guidelines for your manuscript (MLA, APA, etc.) copy editing examines these expectations as well.

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